When you have the English radio stations available to you, there is no better way you can learn English without paying a single penny. The online English stations provide some smart listening strategies which can help you in practising English anytime you want. It is one of the most effective tools for improving speaking and listening skills. It can also help you in tuning your speed and tone of speaking English like natives. These steps will help you in learning English effectively from the English Radio stations.

Dedicated some time daily

some time daily

Whether you listen for 5 minutes or for hours, you need to make a consistent habit of dedicating time for English channels. This will provide you with regular exposure to English, which will train your mind subconsciously. Try giving 10 minutes to listening to English channels and slowly you will find them interesting to listen longer.

Make your list of favourites

When you start listening to radio shoes more often you will develop an interest and have your preferences on the talk shows. Take the help of podcasts to improve your communication skills. You can choose a show with more music too if you get too bored of people talking to each other. You can also find shows on science, news talks, sports, etc. based on your interests.

Take notes

When you are sitting down to listen to these talk shows, interviews, and conversations, keep a notebook with you to write down any sentences or words that you find interesting. You can later search these words to find their meaning and also learn to use them in sentences. If you keep hearing the same words again and again, know that these words are important and have a high frequency in related conversations.

Keep the dictionary but…

It is good to have a dictionary next to you while you are learning English but to peek in it for meaning every time you do not understand a word will slow down your grasping skills. In the beginning, it is much more important to understand the context of the sentences rather than finding meaning for every word. It is a common mistake among beginners. If you refer to the dictionary less often, you will develop an automatic understanding of the new words. But if the word it repetitive and you cannot understand what it means, you can refer to your dictionary.

Practice speaking

Practice speaking

Listening to the radio shows is not enough to learn English. While you are giving time to English radio shows, spend a good amount of time practising your communication with what you learn. Take the help of your notes to use the phrases that you learnt in your regular life scenarios. Try to take interviews of others like the way you hear on the radio. It may not make you a good interviewer but will surely improve your communication skills.